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Chess Lessons

  • Our chess lessons are crafted by a team of over 10 expert coaches, including chess masters and champions, ensuring top-tier instruction in Australia. 

  • Utilizing modern teaching tools and interactive chess apps, we provide a friendly and engaging environment for all levels, from beginners to competitive players as we divide our students into different leveled classes to ensure each child can find a suitable class.

  • Our curriculum, rich in chess topics, supports continuous improvement and growth.

  • We are proud to offer either in-person or online chess classes every day, with more than 30 options to choose from each week. 

  • Our students can earn various chess awards, certificates, medals, and trophies to celebrate their achievements.

Teaching Mode

  • Either face-to-face or online class modes can be chosen from.

  • In-person class focus more on a friendly and collaborative learning environment, and online lesson offers more convenience and interactions.

  • All of our classes are equipped with the latest technology and interactive chess apps to assist our coaches. 

  • Lesson consists of multiple modules, including puzzle training, instructive lesson, game play and analysis section. 

Class Size

  • Small group teaching to ensure each student to receive personal feedback from the coach

  • Face-to-face classes: One coach manages 4 - 8 students normally

  • Online classes: Generally have no more than 6 students in each class

  • Places are limited (first come, first served) 


我们学院以奖励我们学生的辛勤学习和成就而自豪。 我们相信表彰奖励是对学生极好的激励,我们提供小奖品和小礼物从而鼓励他们更加努力和认真地学习。

Class Levels

  • Most well structured chess programs in Australia with six different class levels to choose from

  • From absolute beginners to participants in state or national chess contests

  • Each level is equipped with a uniquely designed chess syllabus covering over 30 topics

  • Parallel classes and flexible timetables to enable our students to find the most suitable class

How to choose a class ?

Here is our guideline for you to choose the suitable class levels for you or your child.

Note: You do not necessarily need to pick up a level yourself, our parallel classes will ensure you or your child will be arranged into the most suitable class for the timeslot you picked.


从没接触过国际象棋的⼩孩⼦,主要教规则和Checkmate(将杀),有趣及互动 的课堂激发孩⼦对国际象棋的兴趣及认识,推荐年龄4.5岁+

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