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Blue Skies

Beginner / Pre-Intermediate
(60 Mins Class)

Discover the essentials of chess with our 60-minute beginner and pre-intermediate online lessons! Focused on checkmate patterns, opening principles, and simple tactics. Our engaging and interactive course will build a strong foundation and fast-track your understanding of the game!

$358 / Term


​Term2 Whole Term Price


Intermediate / Advanced
(90 Mins Class)

Advance your chess prowess with our 90-minute online lessons for intermediate and advanced players. Our curriculum focuses on competition-level openings, middle-game strategy, and practical endgame techniques. Join us to refine your skills and dominate the chessboard!

$528 / Term


​Term2 Whole Term Price


Trial Class

Discover the exciting world of chess now! Ideal for beginners and newcomers, our session offers a taste of strategic play, problem-solving puzzles, and interactive lessons. Experience the thrill of chess in a supportive environment and see why our academy is the choice for young chess enthusiasts. Ready to make your move?

From $38


(75 Mins Class)

Elevate your chess game with our 75-minute online lessons for pre-intermediate and intermediate players! Dive into advanced tactics, learn the art of opening traps, and master endgame fundamentals. Perfect for players ready to step up their game, our sessions promise a comprehensive learning experience!

$448 / Term


Term2 Whole Term Price


Second Weekly Class

Heavy discounted intuition fees for our student who is super keen on chess and willing to attend multiple chess lessons at the same week. Only $150 per term for having your second or third weekly chess class! Any levelled chess classes with multiple timeslots to choose from.

$150 / Term


Online Tournament

Join the excitement in our free online chess tournament every Friday and Saturday night! Open to all skill levels, this event invites players from around the globe to compete, learn, and share their passion for chess. Don't miss the chance to challenge yourself, win prizes, and be part of our vibrant chess community!


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