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Chess Lesson

Choose your chess class mode: Join us in-person for a friendly and collaborative learning experience or opt for online lessons for flexibility and digital engagement. Our cutting-edge technology and interactive tools support our expert coaching, ensuring a dynamic chess education for all ages and levels. 


$358 / Term


​Term2 Whole Term Price

science and chess camp

Holiday Program

Dive into the ultimate chess holiday camp experience, available both in-person and online! Engage in thrilling tournaments, solve interactive puzzles, and enjoy educational yet captivating lessons. Tailor your adventure with our flexible half-day or full-day programs, all while playing on a life-sized chess board for an unforgettable experience.

$119 / Day


Multiple Days Price

chess tournament


Step into the arena with our chess tournaments, designed for different ages and skill levels! Whether during school or holiday breaks, seize the chance to compete for trophies, medals, and certificates. Sharpen your skills and thrive in the competitive spirit of the game. Ready to make your move?

$50 / Session

chess party

Chess Party

Celebrate with a unique chess-themed party where no prior chess knowledge is required! Perfect for all ages, our tailored packages bring the game to life, ensuring a memorable time for every chess enthusiast. Ready to plan your unique celebration?

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