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About Us 

Who are we?

  • A premier chess academy at Chatswood CBD

  • Largest chess coaching center in North Shore region

  • An expansive 100+ square meter campus with four modern classrooms

  • Equipped with cutting edge technology and innovative teaching tools

  • Devote to provide chess lovers with a collaborative and engaging chess learning environment

What we offer? 

  • Chess Workshop

  • Chess-related Event

  • Chess Holiday Camp

  • Chess-themed Party

Why choose us? 

  • Progressive Curriculum

          Structured in multiple levels, each with a unique syllabus, designed for continuous improvement and                                  progress. Parallel classes offer convenience and guarantee suitability. 

  • Elite Coaching Team

​          Comprising over 10 expert chess coaches, including chess masters, state top finishers, club champions, and                        tournament winners

  • Flexible Time Choices

          Offering weekly chess classes every day, with more than 30 classes each week

  • Interactive Learning Environment

          A friendly and engaging class learning experience, equipped with modern teaching tools and giant chess pieces

  • Individualized Progress Tracking

          Personalized development tracking for every student, enabling parents to receive immediate feedback

  • Student Awards System

          Students can earn various chess awards, certificates, medals, and trophies to celebrate their achievements

  • Exclusive Member Benefits

          Members enjoy free access to our weekly chess puzzles and workshops, discounted memberships for                        , chesskid, and chessmatec, plus invitations to special events

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