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What is NSWJCL Rating?

New South Wales Junior Chess League (NSWJCLrating is a chess rating designed for NSW junior chess players only. A rating is a fun way to measure your progress in chess. A high rating shows that the player is quite experienced and consistent player. A lower rating shows the player is less experienced and a less consistent player.

How to Get a NSWJCL Rating?

Player's can achieve a chess rating by playing in chess competitions organized by us! (find our NSWJCL rated tournaments here) Once you have a rating, your rating moves up when you win games and down when you lose games. 

If you beat much higher rated opponents, then your rating moves up faster than if you beat an opponent who's rating is much lower than yours.

When you lose a game, you lose more points to someone who is much lower than your rating than someone around your rating or higher rated than you.

Why Should Get a NSWJCL Rating?

NSWJCL chess ratings are essential for NSW young players as they offer a measurable way to track progress and chess skill development. They also facilitate fair and competitive match-making, ensuring kids face opponents at similar skill levels. Achieving rating milestones can greatly boost a child's confidence and motivation in the game. Furthermore, getting a high NSWJCL rating to make into the "Top Players List" for different age groups can let your child have higher chances to make into school chess teams, or get into selective schools and achieve scholarships.

Where to Find the NSWJCL Rating?

You can find you or your child's NSWJCL ratings at

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