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Chess College

We are committed to providing children with the most professional chess learning.


Trainstein Chess College is a chess academy established in Sydney, dedicated to promoting and popularising chess. Our academy is committed to providing high-quality chess lessons making every child fall in love with chess while learning. As a coach to guide children, we firmly believe that our interactive lessons can stimulate children's interest and help them to exercise logical thinking ability and problem-solving skills.

Abstract Background
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Why Study Chess

Develops logic and critical thinking

Improve concentration & memory
Increases kid’s problem-solving skills

Teaches planning and Foresight
Develop learning ability
Improves spatial skills

Choose Trainstein

For The Highest Quality Chess Teaching

We offer the most refined classes so that each child can find a class that suits their age and chess level.

Small class sizes ensure that every child is taken care of, helping their chess to the next level.

The best chess coaching team - master-level coaches with many years of teaching experience, helped many children win awards in Sydney and Australia competitions.

Students will learn fast decision-making skills, evaluate alternatives, and learn multiple ways to win through guided instruction as well as have opportunities to play other opponents.

Weekly Free Online Chess Tournament.

How To Choose A Class

The most detailed class, the best class experience.

New To Chess

This course is designed for children who do not know chess. Students will learn pawn and piece movements and the fundamentals of chess, such as Checkmate. Interesting and interactive classes to encourage children's interest and understanding of chess, recommended age 4.5+

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