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Trainstein Chess Tournaments 

During school terms, we will run one weekly NSWJCL-rated (see what NSWJCL rating is) chess competition at our Chatswood chess center on weekends, along with two online tournaments every Friday and Saturday from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. These tournaments are designed for young chess players, tailored by different skill levels and age groups, to offer more practice opportunities. Additionally, during school holidays, we host some fun chess tournaments in our holiday camps, where kids can gain further experience in chess competitions under a more relax atmosphere.

Why Should you do Tournament?

  • Learning chess tournament rules, i.e. touch move touch take and how to use chess clocks etc.

  • Experience the tournament atmosphere, e.g. serious chess games and no talking etc.

  • Sharpening chess skills in a competitive environment

  • Earning various chess trophies, medals and certificates

  • Enhancing concentration, resilience and sportsmanship manner

  • Improving your chess ratings and getting BETTER at chess

Chatswood Tournament



Holiday Fun

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