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Chess Lessons

  • Our chess lessons are crafted by a team of over 10 expert coaches, including chess masters and champions, ensuring top-tier instruction in Australia. 

  • Utilizing modern teaching tools and interactive chess apps, we provide a friendly and engaging environment for all levels, from beginners to competitive players as we divide our students into different leveled classes to ensure each child can find a suitable class.

  • Our curriculum, rich in chess topics, supports continuous improvement and growth.

  • We are proud to offer either in-person or online chess classes every day, with more than 30 options to choose from each week. 

  • Our students can earn various chess awards, certificates, medals, and trophies to celebrate their achievements.

Teaching Mode

  • Either face-to-face or online class modes can be chosen from.

  • In-person class focus more on a friendly and collaborative learning environment, and online lesson offers more convenience and interactions.

  • All of our classes are equipped with the latest technology and interactive chess apps to assist our coaches. 

  • Lesson consists of multiple modules, including puzzle training, instructive lesson, game play and analysis section. 

Class Size

  • Small group teaching to ensure each student to receive personal feedback from the coach

  • Face-to-face classes: One coach manages 4 - 8 students normally

  • Online classes: Generally have no more than 6 students in each class

  • Places are limited (first come, first served) 

Chess Awards

At our chess academy, students have the exciting opportunity to earn various chess awards, including certificates, medals, and trophies. These awards are a testament to their hard work, skill improvement, and achievements in the chess community. Additionally, we offer a range of chess-themed gifts, adding an extra layer of fun and motivation to our programs.

Class Levels

  • Most well structured chess programs in Australia with six different class levels to choose from

  • From absolute beginners to participants in state or national chess contests

  • Each level is equipped with a uniquely designed chess syllabus covering over 30 topics

  • Parallel classes and flexible timetables to enable our students to find the most suitable class

How to choose a class ?

Here is our guideline for you to choose the suitable class levels for you or your child.

Note: You do not necessarily need to pick up a level yourself, our parallel classes will ensure you or your child will be arranged into the most suitable class for the timeslot you picked.

New To Chess

This level is specially designed for pre-kindy to year1 kids who never played chess before or just started playing chess.  Students will learn the fundamentals of chess, such as the name and movement of each chess pieces, piece values,  check and checkmate etc. Interesting and interactive classes to encourage children's interest and understanding of chess. Recommended age: 4.5 - 6.5 years old 

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