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 Term 2 : 29/04/2024 - 07/07/2024 (10 Weeks)

Early Bird Ends By 12/04/2024 11:59 pm

Blue Skies
chess class

Weekday Class (90 mins)

Unlock your potential with our 90-minute weekday after-school chess programs at our academy! Perfect for comprehensive lessons, detailed puzzle-solving, and extensive gameplay. Ideal for students seeking an immersive experience to refine their skills on a regular school day. 

$528 / Term


​Term2 Whole Term Price

chess class

Second Weekly Class

Heavy discounted intuition fees for our student who is super keen on chess and willing to attend multiple chess lessons at the same week. Only $150 per term for having your second or third weekly chess class! Either weekday or weekend programs with ten different timeslots to choose from.

$150 / Term

chess class

Weekend Class (75 mins)

Maximize your weekend with our efficient 75-minute chess classes! Designed to fit your busy schedule, each session offers a balanced mix of puzzles, lessons, and chess gameplay. Great for players who want to enjoy chess and still have time for other weekend activities.

$458 / Term


Term2 Whole Term Price

chess class

Trial Class

Discover the exciting world of chess now! Ideal for beginners and newcomers, our session offers a taste of strategic play, problem-solving puzzles, and interactive lessons. Experience the thrill of chess in a supportive environment and see why our academy is the choice for young chess enthusiasts. Ready to make your move?

From $48

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